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VAPETAPE 12000 puffs - 10 pcs bundle

VAPETAPE 12000 puffs - 10 pcs bundle

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Vapetape 12000 Puffs is the new disposable vape created by ASDF worldwide which stands for “all start different”. Their mission is to provide customers with the latest fashion trends and innovative vaping technology that enhances their lifestyles. The quality products which satisfied customers and it creates a big demand in the Singapore Vape market right now!

VAPETAPE 12000 Puffs by ASDF come with 13 flavors which categorize into three series: Fruity Series, Drinks Series, and Creamy Series. Vape tape taste smooth, moderates sweetness, and is slightly cool. It’s nice and fashionable while convenient to bring it out or put it inside a pocket.

  • Buy Vapetape 12000 Puffs stylish quality products.
  • It’s nice and fashionable while convenient to bring it out or put it inside a pocket.
  • Puff: 12000 Puffs
  • Charging: Rechargeable with Type C

Vapetape 12000 puffs flavour:

Vape tape 12k

Kiwi passion fruit
Lychee blackcurrant
Strawberry lychee
Double mango
Mango grape
Blackcurrant yacult
Mango lychee
Grape blackcurrant
Guava peach
Mixed berries
Peach lychee
Lemon cola
Watermelon peach
Honeydew watermelon
Solelo lime
Gummy bear
Sour bubblegum
Honeydew blackcurrant
Ice lemon tea
Red slurpee
Grape bubblegum
Pineapple orange
Strawberry lemon Tart
Banana Custard

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