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The LANA Device is a sleek and stylish vape device designed for convenience and compatibility with 1st generation pods. Here are the key details:

Design and Build: The LANA Device features a metal frosted construction, providing a premium look and feel. Its lightweight and stylish design enhance the user's vaping experience. The device is available in five different colors, allowing users to choose one that matches their style.

Battery Capacity: The device is powered by a 280mAh built-in battery, which provides ample power for vaping sessions.

Fast Charging: It offers fast charging capabilities, with a charging time of approximately 15-30 minutes, ensuring that users can quickly recharge the device for continuous use.

Puff Capacity: The LANA Device can deliver between 300-350 puffs when using compatible pods. This provides users with a satisfying vaping experience without the need for frequent refills.

Heating Wire Resistance: The device's heating wire resistance is in the range of 1-1.2 ohms, contributing to the efficiency of vapor production.

Battery Indicator: The LANA Device is equipped with an LED breathing light that serves as a battery indicator, allowing users to monitor the battery status easily.

Compatible Pods: This device is specifically compatible with 1st generation pods, which include brands like SP2, RELX, LANA, RONE, ZEUZ, GENESIS, and KIZZ. Users have a variety of pod options to choose from to suit their flavor preferences.

Package Contents: When you purchase the LANA Device, it typically includes the LANA Simplified Device itself, a Type-C cable for charging, and compatible pods from the 1st generation pod lineup.

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