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Introducing the Akso Supa 9500 Puffs, a cutting-edge disposable vape pod offering an extraordinary vaping experience. With a high-capacity design, this device boasts an impressive 9500 puffs, ensuring a long-lasting and enjoyable vaping journey. The Akso Supa features a smart screen for easy monitoring and a Type C rechargeable battery, adding convenience to your vaping lifestyle. This disposable pod is equipped with a High Power Boost Mode and 14 exciting flavors, providing users with a versatile and satisfying selection. Elevate your vaping experience with the Akso Supa 9500 Puffs, combining innovation, style, and exceptional performance.

Additionally, the AKSO SUPA 9500 Rechargeable Disposable offers a variety of flavor options, providing users with a diverse range of choices. The available flavors in the AKSO SUPA 9500 Rechargeable Disposable flavor lineup include:

  1. Apple Asam Boi
  2. Blackcurrant Yakult
  3. Creamy Milk
  4. Ice Cream Cake
  5. Mango Yakult
  6. Rootbeer
  7. Solero
  8. Strawberry Vanilla Donut
  9. Vanilla Latte
  10. Yakult

This extensive flavor selection caters to different taste preferences, allowing users to enjoy a wide range of flavor profiles.

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